Online Auctions at Scott Perry & Company

Perry Auctions online auctions are nationally recognized as an industry leader in the Buffalo, NY auction market.

Our online auctions are ideal for individuals interested in bidding on an item at auction, without having to physically attend our auctions across the Western NY and Buffalo region.

Live Real-Time Bidding

As a Perry Auctions online auction customer, you can use your computer to participate in an auction from the comfort of your home or office. All bids are relayed over the Internet in real-time, allowing you to bid with the same confidence as if you were attending a live auction in Western New York.

Auto Bidding

When you cannot attend an auction in person, or simply do not have an opportunity to bid live using your computer; you may leave a proxy bid via our online auction system. Your bid is automatically represented up to your maximum bid amount, using increments that the auctioneer has set prior to the live auction. Your anonymity and security are assured, and let you place a bid even when you cannot attend the sale. Our auto bid feature is a convenient way to leave your proxy bids once the online auction has been posted.

E-mail Notification

When you place a proxy bid on an item prior to the sale going live, your bid is recorded and stored in the Perry Auctions database. If your proxy bid is outbid by another bidder, our online auction system automatically notifies you via e-mail that you no longer have the winning bid for the item being sold. The e-mail will include an auction link, which will take you directly to the auction and allow you to quickly submit another bid for that particular item.

On-Site Condition Reports

The Perry Auctions online auction system gives auctioneers the ability to offer on-site condition reports to interested bidders who may require additional information not included in the online description.

Live Website Support

Although the Perry Auctions online auction system is designed with the user in mind, questions or comments may arise from time to time. We are pleased to offer free, online technical auction support for both the auction company and the online auction bidder.

Extended Bidding for Timed Auctions

Extended bidding enables bidders to competitively bid on items in the final minutes of a timed auction without worrying about sniping. Each time a bid is placed within the final five minutes of a timed auction, the remaining time to bid on a single item will be extended five minutes. If a counter bid is placed during the five minute time period the auction will be extended again. Extended bidding will continue until no new bids are placed on the item within the final five minutes. With extended bidding, every bidder who is interested in a specific item at auction has the opportunity to bid and win!