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Q. When is your next auction?

A. For the most up to date information, visit our website: and click on the Upcoming Auctions Tab.


Q. Is there a reserve on your items?

A. All Items at our Secured Creditor Auction are sold subject to the creditors (the rightful owners) approval. This approval, is given immediately after the item is sold. If you watch, the auctioneer, will ask the creditor and/or the person representing the creditor if they will accept the high bid, at this point the auctioneer will say “SOLD” or “We need more and then tell the high bidder and the crowd what it will take to buy the unit.”


Q. How much is this piece?

A. This is a REAL auction, you tell us!! We just count the numbers and get as much as we can for the creditor. There is no starting bid! After all, the ending bid is all that really matters.


Q. Is there a buyer’s premium?

A. Yes, there is a 13% Buyer Premium added to all items at the auction. (Example: $100 Hammer Price, and you pay with Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover your will be $113, Plus NYS Sales Tax).


At our Secured Creditor Auctions, we only accept Credit Card, NO CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED! 


Q. Where are you located?

A. All Secured Creditor Auctions are held at 5300 Lockport Road, Lockport, NY 14094.


Q. Can I leave a proxy bid at this auction?

A. No! At our Secured Creditor Auctions NO Proxy Bids will be accepted. This is in your best interest. It is extremely important that you conduct a hands-on inspection of all units being sold. ALL UNITS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS. There is no allowance for returns, turn downs, arbitration's. YOU BUY IT YOU OWN IT!


Q. Is there online bidding available auction?

A. Yes, all Secured Creditor Auctions have online/simulcast options available. ALL UNITS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS. There is no allowance for returns, turn downs, arbitrations. YOU BUY IT YOU OWN IT!


Q. What is the starting bid?

A. We don’t have a set starting price for our items. We will start the bidding process whenever the first person begins bidding! Often the auctioneer will ask “What do you want bid?” or “I don’t know you tell me?” After all it really doesn’t matter where it starts, it is more important where it ends. Make no mistake this is an auction, not a garage sale! The Buyers start and end the bidding process.

Q. Where does your product come from?

A. Banks, Credit Unions, Fleet Units, Lending Intuitions, Charity Donations, Dealers and Individuals. Anyone is welcome to buy or sell cars at Perry Auctions Secured Creditor Auctions. 


Q. Can I sell my car there?

A. YES! Anyone is welcome to buy or sell cars at Perry Auctions Secured Creditor Auctions. 


Q. How much does it cost to sell a car?

A. There is a $50 Gate Fee for every vehicle, and then an additional $125 Sell if, if the vehicle sells.


Q. Do I have to be a Dealer to come and purchase?

A. NO! Anyone is welcome to buy or sell cars at Perry Auctions Secured Creditor Auctions.


Q. What does Dealer Only mean?

A. At Perry Auctions Secured Creditor Auctions, there are a few vehicles that must be sold “DEALER ONLY”. This simply means you must be a licensed Auto Dealer to purchase these items. “DEALER ONLY” vehicles only represent a small percentage of the unit’s beings sold at our secured creditor auction. And they are always sold at the end of the auction. 


Q. Are titles available day of auction?

A. Paperwork may take up to 14 business days to be processed from the time all necessary information is received from the customers. Please be patient as we are working with a very limited staff at this time.


Q. What does Title Attached or Title Delay Mean?

A. If the title work is not available the day of the auction, the auctioneer will make the announcement prior to selling the unit. In addition, there will be an announcement as to when the title work will be available, if the paperwork is not in the office by the announced day, the customer will be able to receive their money back.


Q. When do I have to pay for my purchases?

A. All credit cards on file with HIBID will be charged for the full amount due at the conclusion of the auction.


Q. Can I write a check for a vehicle?

A. No! No! No! No! Please do not ask the answer will be no. We accept checks at our building material auctions. But absolutely NO CHECKS will be accepted at our Secured Creditor Auctions.


Q. When can I preview the items? Will I be able to test drive them?

A. Please read every auction for the exact details on preview. Also, no you are not allowed to test drive the vehicles, please read the entire descriptions listed under each vehicle, also look for the videos in the secured creditor auction- if it runs and drives you will be able to see this as well!


Q. What time does the auction begin?

A. Please refer to each auctions details.


Q. What time will an auction listing be available?

A. A complete auction catalog will be available 12:30PM the Friday before the auction, please note- vehicles will still be added to the auction. However, they will not be in the catalog.

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